Thursday, September 2, 2010

Days 108 and 109

Day 108 – Radium Springs BC

September 1, 2010
Nothing new to report today, just more relaxing, cleaning, laundry and working on the trip’s DVD.

Day 109 – Radium Springs BC to the USA

September 2, 2010
Today’s Mileage: 185
Total Mileage to Date: 8573
Mileage to Home: 1521

We cross the US Border today and are now back on US soil about half way between Eureka and Whitefish, Montana. Tomorrow we will continue to Marion MT where we will spend the Labor Day weekend at with our friends on McGregor Lake.

Over the years of RVing, we have found it best to be setup before a holiday begins and stay put until after the holiday traffic is over. Campsites are difficult to find, especially on long holiday weekends plus driving a big rig in holiday traffic is not fun either. Labor Day is also a holiday in Canada and being this close the Canadian Border there is bound to be added traffic from the Canadians.

It is nice to be back in the USA again and be able to use my Verizon Data Card out in the middle of nowhere to connect to the internet.
Tuesday, we will resume our journey home.

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