Friday, September 20, 2013

Home at Last


We arrived home around 12:15PM today. Total miles put on the coach was 3035.

Temperature today in Tucson was 101 degrees F. A far cry from the seventies to low eighties during the day and the low forties that we had all summer in Paradise. I guess one might say that we left Paradise for Hell as far as the daily temperatures.

Strider seems to be adapting to traveling in the motor home. At least no more throwing up the past several days of traveling.

Now to unloading the coach, cleaning it and putting the house and yard back in order after being gone all summer.

The next trip is coming up soon, Big Sandy starting October 23rd, This event will be a Reed male family event.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

213 Miles to Home


The coach maintenance was completed late Tuesday afternoon. We departed Camp Charlies Wednesday morning. Wednesday night was spent at an RV Park about mid-way between junction US89 and Utah 20 and Kanab Utah. This positioned us for a 293 mile drive today leaving 213 miles to travel to home tomorrow.

In the early morning hours of Feb. 20, 2013, a landslide ripped through a section of US 89 along a mountain slope about 25 miles south of Page, buckling more than 150 feet of the roadway and tearing the pavement up in six-foot-high sections.


The buckling of US 89 near Page, Arizona caught us by surprise on our journey north in early June. We had to detour over 45 miles on US89A. This added around two hours to our intended driving time on that day. 89A was very crudely, narrow with several mountains to climb and descend. We were not looking forward to doing that detour on the way back home.

Luckily for us Arizona quickly paved Navajo 20 from Page to the town of Gap where 89T (the T is for temporary) rejoins US 89. 89T parallels US89 so it adds only a few more miles to the original route. Actually 89T is much nicer than the section of 89 that it replaces as it much more level and straighter. The current speed limit is 40 to 45 near Page AZ and increases to 55 mph for most of the way.

89T Going North Starts at The Gap AZ and Ends at Page AZ

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 3 on the way home–Camp Charlies


Today was a short travel day, 144 miles from Fort Hall, Idaho to Camp Charlie’s in Sunset Utah.

Strider made it the whole way without throwing up. He is starting to enjoy sitting in Raija’s lap and looking out at the scenery. He naps most of the time until we hit a bump or a strange noise occurs.

Charlie’s is busy as usual. There are eight coaches here including us. Six are Alfas and there are two SOBs, Some Other Brand.

With a little bit of luck, we will be finished with our service tomorrow and we will depart Sunset Tuesday morning. I did plan for two days of service and a Wednesday morning departure just in case they are running behind schedule.

Arriving Camp Charlie's

803 miles left to go

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Second Day of Travel Towards Home from Paradise


Well so far so good as it looks like the travel blog is working again after being locked out by some hacker.

We left Paradise yesterday morning around 9:00 AM. Our first stop was at a rest stop in Montana just after crossing the Idaho / Montana border. About two miles from the rest stop, Strider threw up. Well he almost made it to the rest stop. On the way from home to paradise, Strider threw up every morning. But maybe there is hope, today we traveled 276 miles from Deer Lodge Montana to Fort Hall Idaho without any upchucking from Strider.

Our first day’s mileage was 280. It seems a little odd to leave Idaho and enter into Montana, travel a day and a half in Montana and end up spending the night again in Idaho.

Raija and Strider in Coach – Fort Hall, Idaho

We will spend the tonight in the RV Parking Area at the Fort Hall Blackfoot Indian Casino. Full hookups, including 50 amps is $21.63. Tomorrow we travel 144 miles to Champ Charlie’s in Sunset, Utah for the coach’s annual service. As some of you will recall, Camp Charlie's is across from Hill Air Force  Base where our son, Jimmy, was based some years ago. Jimmy was promoted to Colonel at Hill Air Force Base.

Departing Paradise


Someone hacked into my Google account and locked out the travel blog. Hopefully all is restored now.

Friday’s, September 14th, post.

Sadly it is time to depart Paradise, especially since there are only two bottles of beer left.

We had been busy packing up for the last four days. Amazing enough, we found a place for everything.

This morning we finished the last chores for departure and said goodbye to the owners, a few of the residents that were having breakfast in the lodge and fellow RVers.

Departing Paradise

Our departure would not be complete without a tour of Worley, Idaho. Worley is the closest town to Paradise. Now you see why we do most of our shopping in Coeur d’Alene at Fred Myers, Costco or Wal-Mart.


Worley Idaho