Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Festival Summary


Probably the best way to catch up on the happenings during past week is to incorporate the Musings newsletter put out by the resort authored by Margie Cantlon, one of the owners and wife of Chas.

Thursday, July 11, 2013­
This is the day that is dedicated to celebrating Chas’ life. 
We’ll begin that in earnest at the 4:30 patio party,
but just remember, having fun all day is a requirement!

7 AM Beginner Yoga


7:30 AM Aquacise in the warm indoor pool.

8-9:30 AM our hot breakfast ($6.50 tax included)
Eggs to order with bacon, morning glory muffins, toast, juice & coffee.
Continental breakfast ($4.50 tax included) FREE with a room

9:30 AM Nature Walk
Find out about the flora on our hiking trails with Margaret. 
She’s getting up early to take the walk before it gets too hot!

10 AM Frisbee Golf


11:30 Volleyball

11:30 AM John Mosley will discuss sunspots


Because this year is the peak of the 11-year solar cycle
there are sunspots visible every day.
(Some of them cause displays of the Northern Lights
and if we're lucky we'll see them too one clear night.)
Our resident astronomer, John Mosley will show sunspots
and do a little interpretation on the sun.
It'll be visible from the pool area -- and showing the sun for an hour;
people can wander over on their own for a peek.
If the day is overcast, we’ll reschedule for another day during the Festival.

11:30-1:30 PM Lunch
Snack Bar on the Patio
A vast array of choices for lunch!


Geoff has volunteered to help us out with
Tunes by the pool Thursday afternoon!

2 PM Shuffleboard

2 PM Jay and Lee will lead a quick dance lesson
to prepare for the DJ dance.
Meet in the lodge on the dance floor.

4:30 PM Pot Luck Patio Party
Bring what you like to drink and
A snack to share.


We will be providing beer and wine for this party.
We will also have a microphone set up
And anybody who would like to share
A story about Chas is welcome to do so.

After the patio party, Sun Meadow will provide
FREE dinner on the patio.

And after dinner, at 9 PM, the celebration will wind up with a DJ dance.
John, of recent tunes by the pool fame, has volunteered
To DJ this dance to leave Margie free to visit.


--Friday, July 12, 2013­
Morning coffee is on at 7 AM

7 AM Beginner Yoga


7:30 AM Aquacise in the warm indoor pool.


8-9:30 AM our hot breakfast ($6.50 tax
Bacon and egg breakfast casserole, muffins, toast, juice & coffee.
Continental breakfast ($4.50 tax included) FREE with a room

10:00 AM Pickleball

Suddenly, Pickleball is everywhere!

11:30 AM Volleyball


11:30-1:30 PM Lunch
Snack Bar on the Patio
A vast array of choices for lunch!

1:30 PM Workshop
Do you have an iPhone?
Is it as much a mystery to you as it is to me?

Look at all those apps! How do they work?
Brian Sommerfeldt, a certified young person,
Has gallantly offered to share his expertise
On the iPhone with us geezers!

John and Laurie will be joining Geoff for
Tunes by the pool Friday afternoon!

2:00 PM Bocce


4:00 PM Ping Pong on the Patio

4:30 PM a second patio party!
Bring whatever you like to drink
And something to share
And bring your friendship and conversation!

6:30 PM Soup, Salad & Homemade Bread ($7 tax included)
Taco soup, homemade bread, salad & cookies

8 PM Concert on the Stage
Tickets $12
James Lee Stanley returns to Sun Meadow

James Lee Stanley is SO much more than the “All Wood and Stones”
album he did with
John Batdorf, and which they performed
on the Sun Meadow Stage last October.
"An unexpected power from the limited instruments
(Stanley plays acoustic guitar and piano)
creates rock 'n' roll that would justify rolling out the dance floor.
The more sad and sensitive expressions of the love songs
are counterbalanced by Stanley's absurdly amusing introductions..."  
The Denver Post

--Saturday, July 13, 2013­
Morning coffee is on at 7 AM
7 AM Beginner Yoga

7:30 AM Aquacise in the warm indoor pool.

8-9:30 AM our hot breakfast ($6.50 tax included)
Morning glory muffins, eggs to order, bacon, toast, juice & coffee.
Continental breakfast ($4.50 tax included) FREE with a room

9:00 AM Frisbee Golf

10:00 AM Pickleball

11:00 AM Learn to Make a Bracelet
Meet at Val’s tent on the patio to make your own bracelet.
Cost is $5 to cover materials.

11:30 AM Volleyball

11:30-1:30 PM Lunch
Snack Bar on the Patio
A vast array of choices for lunch!

John and Laurie will be back with Goeff this weekend!
Tunes by the pool Saturday afternoon

2:00 PM Bocce

4 PM Ping Pong on the Patio

4:30 PM Another Potluck Patio Party
Bring some finger food to share
and whatever you like to drink.


6:30 PM Dinner $11 (tax included)
Marinated pork tenderloin, rice, steamed broccoli,
salad, sourdough, dessert

8 PM Concert Featuring Otter Creek
Tickets $12


Otter Creek combines folk music with old time,
sprinkles it with a seasoning of Celtic and western roots,
and produces a wonderful sound that is both unique and refreshing.
Peter sings right from the heart while, at the same time,
brings a magical musical talent to whatever instrument he picks up.
Not only does Mary have a captivating voice,
she coaxes tones from her fiddle that can only be matched
by a first chair violinist in a national acclaimed symphony.
Together they make a duo that is both a technical marvel and tastefully perfect.
These are two of the nicest people I have ever met
and two of the finest musicians America has to offer.
--Gene Bach,Siskiyou Bluegrass Show,KSYC 103.9FM, Yreka, California

-- Sunday, July 14, 2013 –
7 AM Beginner Yoga


7:30 AM Circuit Training with Terri on the Mezzanine
Morning coffee is on at 7 AM

8:30-9:30 AM our hot breakfast ($6.50 tax included)
Waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, juice & coffee
Continental breakfast ($4.50 tax included) FREE with a room

11:30 AM
Community Garden meeting


Brian and Tracy want to work with any folks interested in
planting and caring for a community garden out by the tennis-court-to-be.
Meet in the dining room at 11:30 and the will take it from there.

11:30-1:30 PM Lunch
Snack Bar on the Patio
A vast array of choices for lunch!


3 PM FREE Concert on the Pool Deck
Strangled Darlings
This will be a fun one!

Led by multi-instrumentalists George Veech and Jessica Anderly,
Strangled Darlings are a quickly becoming
one of the brightest lights in the galaxy of musicians
that populate their hometown of Portland, Oregon.
The group's tunes are a spirituous and devilish attempt
to bring the folk/country/jazz world back to its roots
as a bawdy, political, and tuneful mix of low and high art.

6:30 PM Our $6/Free Famous Potluck
Bring something and it’s free
or bring $6 and it’s guilt free

Keeping the pools and hot tub clean plus running the outdoor lunch and all of the other activities kept us quite busy throughout the festival.

Yesterday I spent the day fine tuning on the Wi-Fi system throughout the RV and tenting areas.

Today will be catching up on chores in the coach and at our site. Thunderstorms are forecasted for tonight.

Weather permitting, a bike ride to Harrison for Huckleberry ice cream is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Festival Is Off and Running


Chas, one of the owners and who recently passed away, coined the term “Skin to the Wind. The festival has been an annual and popular event. Chas requested that a party be held instead of a funeral when he died. So this year’s Festival is honoring his request and his life.

Wednesday’s start was a little slow but RVs streamed in the late afternoon as well guests for the hotel rooms. This year’s festival’s attendance surpassed the previous years as many are making a special effort to celebrate Chas’s life.

The Festival kicked-off on Wednesday with a concert featuring TR Ritchie who was a close friend of Chas.

TR Ritchie goes from a busking at Pike Street Market to kicking it at Kerrville, Napa and Walnut Valley, this unreconstructed folkie sounds like the folk music we'd have been listening to all along. Ritchie writes plays and sings with heart and conviction and an innocence that you wouldn't expect from someone that's been around a few rough and competitive blocks. A dreamer with at least seven toes on the ground, Ritchie is a very solid link on a very solid folkie chain that somehow manages to command your attention without demanding it.

TR Ritchie
TR Ritchie

Both Raija and I have been kept busy helping out. The large crowd has meant extra effort to keep the pools and hot tub clean. Both of us start preparing for the patio lunch bar at 10:30. The lunch bar opens at 11:30 and closes at 1:30. Cleanup takes another 45 minutes or so. Strider keeps us company at the lunch bar. Two-K, (born in 2000) and Strider luck out in sharing hot dogs, turkey burgers and hamburgers that gets a little too well done on the grill.

Concerts and dancing occupy the evenings so we have been kept busy these past four days. Today is the last day of the festival so hopefully this week I will be able to catch up on the blog.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bummer–No Huckleberry Ice Cream


This morning we made the 18 mile trip from Heyburn boat launch state park to Harrison. The main objective at Harrison of course was the Huckleberry ice cream at the Creamery.

Preparing to depart the boat ramp parking area by the Coeur d’Alene Trail

Boat houses at the Heyburn Park

Along the way we encountered a pond with red flowers in bloom on the lily pads that are floating on the pond. Sorry for the burry image, I still have problems taking pictures with the IPod.

Lilly Pond


We arrived at Harrison only to discover that the Creamery was closed. They had run completely out of ice cream over the holiday weekend. Lesson learned, do not peddle your ass all the way to Harrison on a Monday, much less a Monday after a long weekend as most likely the Creamery will be closed.

Since it was now noon, we decided to have some lunch in place of ice cream. We chose the marina. It was not too bad of a substitute, Raija had a cheese quesadilla and I had a hot dog with onion rings.


Lunch at the marina

Harrison Marina

Saturday, July 6, 2013

All is Quiet and Peaceful in Paradise


All is quiet and peaceful in paradise. It never did reach 100 degrees as forecasted. The highest temperature reached during the hot spell was 91 F. The last two days we didn’t even have to run the air conditioner in the coach. We are now back to near normal temperatures of low fifties at night and low eighties during the day.

I how have Wi-Fi working throughout the RV and tent areas. It still requires a little fine tuning which I will get back to on Tuesday. Monday will be a bike ride on the Coeur d’Alene trail to Harrison for Huckleberry ice cream cones.

Yesterday we indulged in the seafood buffet at the Coeur d’Alene Casino. The casino is just a few miles from the RV Park. We both over ate on Alaskan Snow Crab legs, oysters, shrimp and deserts.

The resort had its traditional 4th of July fireworks display. Strider actually seemed to enjoy it. He sat in Raija’s lap and looked at sky bursts.

Strider enjoys his walks with Raija except for the trails in the forest. After one trail walk, he now refuses to go on the trail again. Maybe some scent on the trail spook him.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise


Today was only 91 degrees, not too bad, especially with the outdoor pool at 84 degrees. Tomorrow is still forecasted to be a little warmer, than the daily highs should trend back towards normal, low eighties. The nights are in the low sixties.

I was a little worried that that yesterday’s  BBQ boneless, pork ribs had turned out to be a little on the too spicy side for the north people here. However there was not a one left so they must have been okay even through the chilies that I used were a little on the warm side.

Today was mostly spent on installing the new outdoor Wi-Fi repeater. Hopefully we will be able to finish that task tomorrow. By the time we got it up on the roof of the lodge, it was too hot to go into the attic to run the CAT 5 cable and power.