Monday, July 8, 2013

Bummer–No Huckleberry Ice Cream


This morning we made the 18 mile trip from Heyburn boat launch state park to Harrison. The main objective at Harrison of course was the Huckleberry ice cream at the Creamery.

Preparing to depart the boat ramp parking area by the Coeur d’Alene Trail

Boat houses at the Heyburn Park

Along the way we encountered a pond with red flowers in bloom on the lily pads that are floating on the pond. Sorry for the burry image, I still have problems taking pictures with the IPod.

Lilly Pond


We arrived at Harrison only to discover that the Creamery was closed. They had run completely out of ice cream over the holiday weekend. Lesson learned, do not peddle your ass all the way to Harrison on a Monday, much less a Monday after a long weekend as most likely the Creamery will be closed.

Since it was now noon, we decided to have some lunch in place of ice cream. We chose the marina. It was not too bad of a substitute, Raija had a cheese quesadilla and I had a hot dog with onion rings.


Lunch at the marina

Harrison Marina

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