Monday, July 1, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise


Today was only 91 degrees, not too bad, especially with the outdoor pool at 84 degrees. Tomorrow is still forecasted to be a little warmer, than the daily highs should trend back towards normal, low eighties. The nights are in the low sixties.

I was a little worried that that yesterday’s  BBQ boneless, pork ribs had turned out to be a little on the too spicy side for the north people here. However there was not a one left so they must have been okay even through the chilies that I used were a little on the warm side.

Today was mostly spent on installing the new outdoor Wi-Fi repeater. Hopefully we will be able to finish that task tomorrow. By the time we got it up on the roof of the lodge, it was too hot to go into the attic to run the CAT 5 cable and power.

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