Saturday, September 14, 2013

Second Day of Travel Towards Home from Paradise


Well so far so good as it looks like the travel blog is working again after being locked out by some hacker.

We left Paradise yesterday morning around 9:00 AM. Our first stop was at a rest stop in Montana just after crossing the Idaho / Montana border. About two miles from the rest stop, Strider threw up. Well he almost made it to the rest stop. On the way from home to paradise, Strider threw up every morning. But maybe there is hope, today we traveled 276 miles from Deer Lodge Montana to Fort Hall Idaho without any upchucking from Strider.

Our first day’s mileage was 280. It seems a little odd to leave Idaho and enter into Montana, travel a day and a half in Montana and end up spending the night again in Idaho.

Raija and Strider in Coach – Fort Hall, Idaho

We will spend the tonight in the RV Parking Area at the Fort Hall Blackfoot Indian Casino. Full hookups, including 50 amps is $21.63. Tomorrow we travel 144 miles to Champ Charlie’s in Sunset, Utah for the coach’s annual service. As some of you will recall, Camp Charlie's is across from Hill Air Force  Base where our son, Jimmy, was based some years ago. Jimmy was promoted to Colonel at Hill Air Force Base.

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