Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Summer of 2012–Part 1


For those of you that have followed our travel blog, you know that I have been somewhat remiss in this summer’s postings. One reason is that this year, rather than traveling every few days as we done in the pass, we decided to stay in one place. The second is the RV Resort that we stayed at, near Coeur D’Alene, ID had so many activities that we didn’t even do site seeing trips as planned in the Hummer.


The indoor and outdoor pools provided daily aquacise to keep us in shape, the live concerts, and dances, movies on the big screen, several weekend events and meeting new friends kept us busy. Then there was the big electrical storm that knocked out the Wi-Fi, automatic exit gate and water system that I lent a hand in repairing. In addition one of the owners who also maintain the pools and hot tub injured his hand so I volunteered to do the daily maintenance on the pools and hot tub.


Some highlights of our summer:

June 16th, our wedding anniversary:

We attended the Ben Bullington Concert at the resort.



Ben (left) and Rodney Crowell

"Ben Bullington's work draws life-breath from the earth, rivers, sky and people of Montana," says Rodney Crowell, the Nashville songwriting legend who plays guitar and performs a duet on Bullington's second CD, White Sulpher Springs. Ben, a practicing family doctor from Lewistown Montana and songwriter frames the stillness of Montana winters, the strength of her women and the spiritual bankruptcy of no-account politicians with disarming ease.

Next up was the Kite Festival on June 23rd, followed by the resorts clean our adopted Section of Hwy 95.


July 4th:

There was the Steve Young concert.


Steve Young has literally toured the world. He has performed in many countries of Europe, in Australia and New Zealand, in Micronesia, China and Mongolia, in Egypt and East Africa and beyond. Wherever he has gone, he has filled the dual role of ambassador for American music and student of the cultures of others.

Young's live performances express the depth and power of his vision. He draws on his own songs, on Southern folk songs from varied traditions, on collaborations and on the best of contemporary songwriters such as J.D. Loudermilk, David Olney and others.

Steve shared the stage with his son, Jubal Lee Young.



Following Steve Young’s concert was the resorts very own 4th of July fireworks display.


Part 2 coming soon.

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