Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coeur d’Alene Trail Video


It took all week to get the video uploaded. The size of the file and the upload speed of the internet here required more than 48 hours to upload the video of the trail. During the week the power company was changing out the lines along the main road. At least once a day they would cut the power which in turned stopped the upload process and required another attempt to try a new upload. There was no power interruption on Friday, so Thursday’s upload restart finally completed late last night.

The first video, Chatcolet to Harrison via Coeur d'Alene Trail is rather long as it is just over seven miles from Chatcolet to Harrison.

Chatcolet to Harrison via Coeur d'Alene Trail

The history of the trail was covered in an earlier blog.

As mentioned before Harrison is home to the Creamery so a short video of the Creamery is a must.

The Creamery–Harrison Idaho

 The batteries on the helmet video camera gave out on the return trip so scenes on the way back will have to wait for another attempt for huckleberry ice cream.

The local farmer markets are starting to carry fresh huckleberries. We purchased a quart for $10 the other week and Raija baked a huckleberry pie which provided me with my huckleberry fix until the next trip to Harrison.   

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Anonymous said...

7 miles in 44 minutes - you deserved ice cream!!!! Barb.