Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 3–May 19, 2012


Today’s Mileage: 285
Total Mileage to Date: 808
Miles to Destination: 566

Well I guess it is safe to safe that we that we have left summer behind in Tucson as we woke up to 28 degrees F this morning.

We arrived at Willard Bay State Park around 3:10 PM. The current temperature is at 4:30 PM is 69 degrees F. Willard Bay is 15 miles north of Ogden Utah, close to where our son was stationed at Hill Air Force Base, more on Willard Bay State Park tomorrow.

We will spend two nights here. This will provide me with a driving break, allow us to observe the solar eclipse tomorrow and ensure that I have TV reception to watch the latest Jesse Stone movie Sunday night.

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