Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer 2012 Travels


Days 1 & 2

Our summer travel this year will be somewhat different from our past travels. This year we plan on staying three months in one place near Coeur D’Alene Idaho. We left yesterday and spent the night in our usual first stop Cameron, AZ located on the Navajo Reservation. Cameron and the trading post have been well covered in our previous travels so I will not bore you with repeat dialog.

We are spending the second night at another usual stop, the junction of US 89 and Utah State Route 20. It is the sight of an old trading post. There is a large parking area and fellow travels often spend the night as the price is right, free.

The current temperature is 41 degrees F, a far cry from the 101 degrees F that we left in Tucson. We most likely will need to run the furnace tonight.

So far we have covered 523 miles of 1500 miles to our destination. Now that we are in the cooler weather, we will slow down the daily mileage.

We have traveled this route many times before on our way to points north so this year’s travel blog will be somewhat abbreviated especially since we will be spending many days in the RV Park just relaxing which translates to burning much less diesel.

Our goal is to arrive at the RV Park no later than May 24th in order to avoid the Memorial Day holiday three day weekend traffic.

Last night’s dinner was at the Cameron Trading Post. Raija had her favorite, Navajo stew with Navajo fried bread. I had Navajo beef with gravy, a large green chili served on Navajo fried bread. The portions were large so we will be having the leftovers for diner tonight.


Crown King Fire 01

Crown King Fire taken from Sunset Point Rest Area I-17


Fresh Snow Fall US89 & Utah 20 

Fresh Snow – May 18th

We arrived at US 89 and Utah State Route 20 around 2:30 PM. We completed setting up by 3:00 PM when the sky darken and the wind started to rock the coach and then we were in a driving rain. About an hour and half later the clouds lifted and mountains to the west of our camp site that were bare when we arrived were covered with snow.

At least the rain cleaned the bugs off of the windshield saving me the effort of having to clean it in the morning.

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