Monday, June 17, 2013

A Move and Another Day of Packing Up and Setting Up


Yesterday I reported that we were some 90% plus settled in our assigned RV spot for the summer. Well this morning that percentage went to zero.

The rule here is that if you spend three or more consecutive months one can reserve the same RV spot for next summer or any other spot that has not been reserved.

Well we have had our eye on two other spots since last summer, number 8 and number 15. They both were occupied last summer and reserved for this summer. We had reserved our last year’s spot number 16 and were setup in it for the summer.

This morning number 8 opened up has the couple that were in it had to leave due to a family problem and would not be able to spend three months in it this summer. The spot became fair game and I was able to stake my claim to it. Plus we will be able to reserve it for next summer.

This of course meant a move so we had to pack enough stuff in the motor home to close the slides, move the coach to the new spot and plus all the things setup outside. It turned out to be almost an all-day affair.

It was well worth it. We now have a much bigger, private yard, more shade and less traffic going by our home away from home.

Drivers Side Quarter
Our new location for the summer

Driver's Side
The trees shade the coach from the afternoon sun

Main Yard 01
We have a hedge row and trees that separate our outside area from the adjacent RV pad

Main Yard 02
We are now setup and ready for some serious Barbequing
Strider’s Playpen is in the left foreground

Fathers Day Present
My Father’s Day present to myself – a portable smoker / grill

Hopefully tomorrow we will have time to relax and enjoy paradise. I do need to install a Kreepy Krauly Kruiser that I ordered for the outdoor pool. I am trading the Kreepy for tickets to all the summer concerts.   

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