Sunday, June 16, 2013

At Last Settled In for the Summer


At last, Sunday, Father’s Day and our Fortieth Wedding Anniversary, we are 99% settled in for the summer in paradise.

We picked the coach up a little after 4:00 PM on Friday and we were back at the RV Resort a little after 5:30 PM. We had just enough time to get setup enough to spend the night in the coach and still make the 6:30 salad, soup, homemade bread and desert dinner at the lodge.

Saturday was a busy day setting up the coach and yard which continued into Sunday. Sunday I also did my good deed for the day by helping a fellow RVer get his generator slide out back in.

Our Summer Home 01
Almost setup for the summer

Our Summer Home 02
Our Front yard

Our Summer Home 03

Our Backyard

Raija & Strider Morning Walk

It gets light here at 4:00 AM
Raija & Strider out for their early morning walk

Tonight is the resorts $6/Free Famous Potluck
Bring something and it’s free
or bring $6 and its guilt free.

We are cheating a little bit tonight as we are bringing Kirkland Italian Sausage & Beef Lasagna instead of my usual BBQ something.

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