Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Start of the 2014 Summer


We are all off for the summer to Paradise and the Garden of Eden. Our route is one that we have traveled many times before so I will not be covering the route in detail this time as it has been documented many times before.

We did alter our overnight stays somewhat. Our first night out was at Munds RV Park, 234 miles. The second night was at our usual stop at Utah 20 and US 89, 308 miles, where the night time temperature dropped to 31. The next day we traveled 316 miles to Hot Springs Resort in Garland Utah. We spent two nights at Hot Springs in order to have a non-travel day. The resort was just opening up for the season so the pool and hot tubs were not open. It was a little on the cool side anyway so we did not mind missing out on pool and hot tubs.

Yesterday we traveled a bit more than usual, 364 miles, to Deer Lodge, Montana where we woke up this morning to 28 degrees F.

Today we topped off the coach with diesel for the summer just short of Missoula, Montana and then the propane tank at Bretz in Missoula. Bretz still has 98 cent per gallon propane.

We are spending the night at 50,000 Silver Dollar just 111 miles sly of Paradise. This way we should arrive in the Garden of Eden before lunch giving us plenty of time to setup for the summer.

Once we are settled in, I will process and post some video that I took along the way.

Today I had my first huckleberry ice cone of 2014. One has to love Montana for its huckleberries.

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