Thursday, May 29, 2014

Settled in for the Summer



We arrived around 10:00 AM on Wednesday, May 21st. We were pretty much settled in and setup in time for the Memorial Day Weekend. The resort had a very good turnout for the holiday weekend, tent campers, RVers like us, hotel guests and local day visitors. Monday mid-day most of the guest had left and by Wednesday we and one other RVer were the only ones left. School is still in cession and the weather is still a little iffy here in the north.

The holiday weekend was filled with clear skies, day temperatures in the mid-seventies and nights in the low forties. The clouds rolled in on Tuesday bringing rain showers and chilly day temperatures. Wednesday did not even get into fifties.

The clouds are breaking up today and the sun is starting to warm up the day. It is now 57. Just in time for unveiling to mark the anniversary of Chas’ passing, and to remember the other people that the resort has lost since the 4C’s took over. There will be a short ceremony at the new gazebo at 4 PM. Some of us will have a few things to say. Then the owners will unveil the “thing” they have been working on.

Between then and dinner, anybody who wants to enjoy a pot luck wine and cheese party to celebrate the good time we DID have with those dear ones will be welcome to do so followed by a free dinner for everybody at 6:30 PM.


Well it took me a little longer than expected to process the videos that I took on our way here. I tried to high light a couple of spots along the way that I did not cover before plus our arrival at the Garden of Eden in Paradise.


I will have to do a better job at keeping the windshield clean as we drive along.

This is our favorite stop for lunch

There was only 111 miles left to go to our destination and it was 11:30 AM when we arrived at the 50,000 Silver Dollar rest stop. The question was, should we have lunch, proceed on and arrive a day early or stay here in the free RV Park with 30 amp electricity, have lunch in the restaurant, have a relaxing afternoon and arrive early morning on our scheduled arrival day. It was quickly decided to do the latter as that would give us most of the day to settled in plus mow the grass if needed before pulling into our site. It was a good call as the grass needed mowing at our site.

Last Night Out

10: 00 AM, Wednesday May 21st Destination Arrival

Destination Arrival

The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and the mid-seventies. So the plan is for a bike ride on the Coeur D’Alene Trail for the huckleberry ice cream at the Creamery in Harrison, Idaho. Koko has been in training and is ready to go for his share of ice cream. Strider will remain in camp as he does not take to bike riding.



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