Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rainy & Chilly but better weather is promised


The last several days here, since Friday have been on the chilly side. It has rained steady since yesterday and has not gotten above 50. Up until now the weather has been great, mid-forties at night and high to mid-seventies in the afternoons. The forecast for Friday is sunny and the mid-seventies so hopefully Koko and I will be able to do the bike ride to Harrison for huckleberry ice cream.

For our anniversary Raija baked a huckleberry pie so all has not been lost on the huckleberry front.

Strider and Koko will be groomed this Thursday at the one and only groomer in St. Maries, ID. It will be Koko’s first grooming. It appears that Koko is finally house trained. It has been over a week now with no inside accidents. He has learned to go to the coach door when he needs to do his business.

Look for pictures of Strider and Koko after Thursday, once they are groomed.

I have my weather link up. You can view it at http://www.weatherlink.com/user/jimsalfaseeya. You may have to try several times as it will only be there if my computer is on. You can select "MAP" and then "Satellite". By zooming in you will see the coach and H3 at my RV site.


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