Sunday, June 22, 2014

Koko’s First Haircut


The folks here at the resort, were staying that Koko looked more like a bear club then a poodle. Both his and Strider’s coats were getting to be quite long and both were overdue for a grooming.

Koko did not get his first rabbi’s shot until two days before we left for the summer and since most groomers will not take a dog without a rabbi’s certificate, we had to put off his first grooming until after we got here.

Thursday we headed to St. Maries where he had Strider groomed last year. We were prepared for Strider to throw up as he does not take to traveling curvy roads very well whereas Koko has never thrown up when traveling. Well to our surprise Koko threw up first. I guess that the road to St. Maries is a little too much for either dog.

Anyway we made it there a little clean up and both pups got their summer haircuts.


Koko now looks like a poodle instead of a bear club



Strider’s summer hair cut

As you may remember from last year, St. Maries is a little short on barber shops, there is only one groomer but they do have two grocery stores and over the Fourth of July St. Maries boasts having the World’s largest topless bar.

At any rate while the pups were being groomed, we had lunch at Zips (a hamburger joint) and did our grocery shopping.

Returning from the ice run

The lady said that Koko behaved well while he was being groomed so as a reward, Friday Koko and I biked the Coeur D’Alene trail from the marina to Harrison for ice cream. I had my usual; huckleberry ice cream in a waffle cone and Koko had a half a scoop of vanilla.


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