Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 9

Wonderland RV Park - Torrey, Utah

Today we traveled from the Comb Wash Camp to Wonderland RV Park in Torrey, Utah.

We again are connected to the world via cell phone and internet.

We arrived around 13:30, set up camp, had lunch and I caught up on email and updated the travel blog while Raija did the laundry as we have full hook ups, water, electric and sewer.

As you can see from the picture looking forward from our campsite, we are about to have our usual evening thunderstorm. We just can't shake this weather low that refuses to move on. The campground host said it got down to 40 degrees F last night.

Tomorrow we tour Capitol Reef Natural Park and the surrounding area. We can even purchase a lunch from the Subway Shop across the street from the RV Park.

Tomorrow's pictures will demonstrate why this area is called Wonderland.

Tonight's Dinner: Tostadas & Navy Bean Soup, a travel day dinner.

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