Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 28 Big Bend

Day's Travel mileage 222 total mileage to date 1937 miles

We arrived at Big Bend, one of our main goals of this trip, today. We set up camp at the Rio Grande Village National Park Campground. It is dry camping and with Golden Eagle discount it is $7 per night.

There is no cell, internet, radio or TV here. I did have cell phone coverage on the park road in spots so I will try and post this tomorrow as we drive around to take in the sites.

Big Bend refers to the great southwest Texas U-turn the Rio Grande makes here. In Big Bend National Park roads end at the Rio Grande, the boundary between the United States and Mexico. Three states come together at Big Bend: Texas in the United States and Coahuila and Chihuahua in Mexico.

We arrive too late to take pictures for this post. Look for pictures in future posts that may have to wait until we leave the Big Bend area.

12/3/09 – Found a spot on the road where I can just barely can a slow internet connection. Pictures and most things will have to wait a few days until we move on to a place with better internet connections.

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