Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 31 – Our last day at Big Bend

No Travel Mileage Today

Today is our last day at Big Bend. Tomorrow we start the last leg of our trip towards home.

Today’s posting will need to wait until tomorrow’s overnight stop. Hopefully tomorrow night, we will once again have both internet and cell service.

The today’s scenic drive in Big Bend is known as the Basin Drive. It is a seven mile drive that climbs up Green Gulch to Panther Pass and then drops into the Chios Basin. Chios Basin has a campground, lodge, store and a Visitor Center. The lodge had free WiFi, via satellite, so I was able to upload the last two days of blog postings and download our email at a somewhat reasonable speed.

When we arrived at the drive’s entrance, 23 miles from our camp, the road was closed due to ice on the road. The temperature dropped down to 23 degrees F last night at the campground. Fortunately a park ranger was about to make a test run to see if conditions were safe enough to open the road. He offered to let us tail along behind his truck. The road turned out to be clear of ice and the road was opened to traffic for the day.

IMG_0002   At Chios Basin we could view  “The Window” from the opposite direction from yesterday’s drive. Through the Window one can see the Rio Grande Valley, the Rio Grande River and Mexico.

Legend has it that there is a church in Mexico and after Sunday mass one can look through the Window from the church and see the entrance to a lost mine located in Chios Mountains. 

Big Bend is a worth while stop and one needs to plan at least 4 days to take in most of what the park has to offer. One also needs a high clearance, 4 wheel vehicle to travel many of the old roads to see the old historical sites.

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