Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 38 – Camp Day – Dow Creek Resort Hoodsport WA August 6, 2011


Today is our last full day at Dow Creek Resort in Hoodsport Washington. It was very pleasant during the week as the campground was quiet and nearly empty. Friday brought a lot of younger campers with children and the peacefulness ended. It was quite noisy between the boom boxes and kids yelling at each other. The noise continued late into the night including well past the quiet hour, 10:00 PM.

It seemed that it that no sooner when things quieted down and we were finally able to fall asleep that we were awaken by loud talking, vehicle doors being slammed  and loud engines being started and stopped. I checked the time and it was around 3:00 AM. This went on until well after 4:30 AM. The same noisy crowd was getting up to go fishing or at least that is what we assumed.

Needless to say we were happy to be leaving tomorrow.

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