Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 45 – Mount Vernon Washington – August 13, 2011


Tonight will be our last night just relaxing and doing nothing other than attending some of the social functions here at the RV Park. Yesterday was wine tasting and movie night. Today was a BBQ lunch and tonight will be dancing.

Mik has enjoyed his stay here as he has discovered that there are gophers and squirrels. He is anxious to go on walks and is constantly picking up their scent. He has even learned to look up in the trees for the squirrels. He is so excited about picking up their scent that he often forgets about the business purpose of his walk.

Friday was only our almost full sunny day and the temperature made it up to 70 degrees. The last two nights were in the mid-40s.

Tomorrow we will be back on the road for three days as we make our way to our Montana friends.

Our route tomorrow will be through the Cascades on Washington State Route 20. I believe that I have convinced my assistant grip to handle the camera again so hopefully we will get some scenic footage / pictures. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow so camera action may be iffy.

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