Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 44

We headed south today along scenic route US 89 in Montana to White Sulphur Springs. We traveled just 100 miles through rolling hills and mountains. We also managed to find the rain again so no pictures. I do want to back track along US 89 in the Hummer after the 4th weekend so look for pictures early next week of the route traveled today.

We are staying at the Conestoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs. It is a RPI resort that we are members so the cost per night is only $10 with full hookups.

Tomorrow evening they are having having duck races, huckleberry ice cream and fireworks to celebrate July 4th. No huckleberry pie through as huckleberry season is still a bit off.

White Sulphur Springs is the county seat and was one of the original counties in Montana. White Sulphur Springs was the headquarters for a county that included most of central Montana. The town was named because of the white deposits around the hot sulphur springs that were found there. The hot springs have been frequented by Indians for many years. Crow Chief Plenty Coups recalled pilgrimages by warriors to the medicinal mud baths. In 1886 James Brewer stumbled onto the area as the stagecoaches rumbled through the Carroll Trail. Brewer first called the spot Brewer Springs and developed the hot springs into a stage stop and resort.

The Smith River Valley, with White Sulphur Springs as its trading center, was once the home of buffalo and later of prospectors working the Castle Mountain lead and silver mines. Since the days of Fort Logan, White Sulphur Springs has been famous for its fine cattle. Weathered homes and out-buildings at the nearby ghost town of Castle are all that remain of the 1880s silver mining boom.

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