Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 46


Yesterday’s 4th of July celebrations started with an ice cream social and yes they did have the elusive huckleberry ice cream plus I was able to purchase several Montana Huckleberry Chocolate bars. Now it is a good thing that the grandchildren do not care for huckleberry chocolate bars so there is no need to carry them all the way to Utah.

The ice cream social was followed by the Conestoga Campground Duck races.

And they are off 01 Race 1 1st strech 02 Halfway 03 Finish Line04

Now Montana being a free state and one that trusts it citizens to do the right thing and take personal responsibility, does not prohibit its citizens from purchasing their own fireworks. The town’s people gathered in the ball park and the people celebrated the Forth with their own fireworks and then at 10:30 the local volunteer fire department joined in with a larger display of fireworks. It was one of the best firework displays that I have ever attended.

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