Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 51

Today we continued our journey south towards Layton, UT where we will visit with our son and his family before they depart to Germany for his next Air Force assignment. As you will recall he has just returned from his yearlong Afghanistan assignment and we want to give him time to be along with his family before we visit. We haven’t seen him for over a year. We arrived at the Lewis & Clark State Park where we will spend the next seven days. It was only 89 mile trip from White Sulphur Springs.

We are now 407 miles from Hill Air Force Base.

Our route took us pass The Wheat Montana Bakery in Three Forks Montana. It looked too good to pass up. 35 dollars later we had two large cinnamon rolls, a loaf of Montana Wheat bread, Montana honey and a large jar of Montana huckleberry pie filling. As you can guess by now, I am bound and determined to have huckleberry pie. We are close to Virginia City, Montana and the last time we were there, there was a vendor that churned ice cream powered by a one cycle very old engine. So while we are here, a trip will have to be made to Virginia City for homemade huckleberry ice cream to go with the huckleberry pie.

Lewis & Clark St Park - MT 02

Lewis & Clark St Park - MT 01


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