Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 56

We moved farther south today to Lima, MT, population around 240 according to the 2000image census. Lima is a typical Montana small town, 1 block wide by 9 blocks wide. It appears that Lima's heyday was when the trains needed to stop for coal and water. Although the station and railroad are still here, the trains no longer stop.

We had dinner in the town bar. The building is over a 100 years old and according to the present owner was originally, a bar, hotel, restaurant and a barber shop. It is now just a bar and restaurant with a very limited menu, T-bone, New York, Sirloin and Rib Eye steaks, chicken breast or hamburger served with a salad and bake potato. By the way, you have to cook your own meat and potato on a gas fired grill.

There is no TV reception and the internet speed is very poor via Verizon air card.

The huckleberry pie lasted 2 nights, somehow we managed to eat a half pie each night.

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