Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 11 – Port Aransas, TX – Gulf Coast / Rio Grande Trip

No Travel Mileage Today

Last night we sample some of the local cuisine at POP’S Tavern. I had a fried oyster basket and Raija had a fried flounder basket.

We took a leisurely drive through Fulton and Port Aransas. We decided to check out the ferry for our relocation to Mustang Island on Monday. It looks very doable especially compared to the ferry crossing at Dawson City in the Yukon. Taking the ferry saves us about 40 miles, which cuts our relocation to Gulf Waters RV Resort in half.

IMG_0001Large barge taken from inside Hummer while we were on the ferry.

View through the windshield of the Hummer

Lunch was at the Oceans of Seafood. I had oysters on the half shell and Raija had the fried shrimp and fish.

IMG_0004The town of Fulton was named after George Ware Fulton (1810 – 1893). The Fulton mansion “Oakhurst” was built between 1874 and 1877 by George and his wife, Harriet. The three story home is of plank wall construction with a shell aggregate  concrete basement. The Fulton family lived here until 1895.

IMG_0007Raija felt a sudden urge to go to church so we stopped at the Maris Stella Chapel on Goose Island. It is a beautiful small chapel with a view to the bay.  

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James D said...

Sounds as though you enjoyed the local cusine...oysters, fish and more oysters. The person who ate the first oyster was really was not cold on the half-shell, there was no horseradish, lemon or other spice...and I am sure it was not breaded or fried. Enjoy the day. Jimmy