Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 17 – Gulf Waters RV Resort, TX – Gulf Coast / Rio Grande Trip

No Travel Mileage Today and No Sight Seeing

It started to rain yesterday evening and we had a continuous heavy rain with high winds and lightning all night and throughout most of today. This morning some of the local areas had up to 12 inches of rain with another 2 plus inches of rain forecast today. The last rain band is supposed to be passing through now. The forecast is for it to begin clearing tonight. The forecast is for a nice weekend.

There for a while last night the weather radio was going off every 15 minutes or so with a new warning of high winds and marine warnings. The weather radio has been fairly quiet today with just a few warnings of possible flooding.

The good news is that both the coach and the Hummer received a good wash from the driving rain.  There is no need now to hunt up a car wash to clean the Hummer after driving on the beach yesterday.

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James D said...

Glad to hear the storms were not severe i.e. no damaging wind or hail. Sounds as though you are having a great time enjoying life by the beach to include fresh seafood. How were the shrimp and pies? As you know, I can do without the oysters. Love Jim(my)