Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 9 – San Antonio Area


We have been lazy, for the last couple of days we have been just enjoyed relaxing at the RV park and of course walking Mik. The RV park is bordered on three sides by the San Antonio River.

We have actually been to San Antonio a couple of times before where we explored downtown, the River Walk and Noreway & Swedendinner on a river boat. Today we decided to head into down and spend some money. DemarkWe visited Institute of Texan Cultures that showed the many cultures that settled Texas. Among them were the Swedes, Norwegians and Dames.

But no Finns!


But than we did find at least one Finn, a Reverend D. N. Tillman

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San Antonio is like many other cities that charge for parking so you can spend money. They also make it difficult to find a place to park. It is no wonder that many of our downtowns are dying, as who wants to be nickeled and dimed to death, actual more like over $10 to park downtown? End result, instead of spending money in the shops along the River Walk and eating lunch at a restaurant, we returned to the RV park for lunch. So not only did the city not get our parking money, the shop owners and restaurants also did not get our tourist dollars.

It seems only a few states like North & South Dakota have figured out how to keep their downtowns growing as they have no parking fees and plenty of space to park in their cities.

Tower of Americas01Tower of Americas

Tomorrow we continue our journey to the Gulf Coast of Texas.


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