Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 25 – Falcon State Park, TX – Gulf Coast / Rio Grande Trip

Day's Travel mileage 95 total mileage to date 1403 miles

Just after leaving the RV park at Edcouch the GPS showed 1315 miles to home and the Silverleaf trip log showed 1315 miles traveled so this morning we passed the half way point of our trip.



We are now at Falcon State Park on Falcon Lake.

Situated between Roma and Zapata, Falcon State Park covers 572 acres adjacent to the famousIMG_0006 Falcon Lake. Falcon Dam, which created the 60-mile long lake, was dedicated in 1953. The park opened to the public in 1965. Across the Falcon International Dam, the dam is on the Rio Grande, is Guerrero, Mexico. The Rio Grande River is the International Border between Texas and Mexico. Falcon is a relatively shallow lake and is known for good bass fishing.

IMG_0005Falcon Lake Boat Ramp

The only TV stations available are from Mexico.

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