Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 5 – Junction, TX – Gulf Coast / Rio Grande Trip

Day's Travel mileage 0 total to date 781 miles

IMG_0001Our Campsite By The Llano River – Junction, TX City Park

Llano River By Our Campsite

Free City Park Campsite

Today we tour the town and had dinner at a Ma – Pa Texas BBQ for $10.00. We both had BBQ beef brisket sandwiches. The sandwiches were large and stacked with brisket slow cook with pecan wood.

Several people came both Saturday & Sunday to the park where we were camped to pick pecan from the ground. All of the trees in the park are large, mature pecans trees.

One can tell that it is deer season in Texas, the town is full of signs that say deer hunters welcome here. I-10 seemed to have a dead deer along the side of the road every few miles. A sign that one should not travel I-10 at dusk or during the night. I-10, I am sure, is responsible for way more deer killed then the hunters.

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