Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 6 – Elmendorf, TX – Gulf Coast / Rio Grande Trip

Day's Travel mileage 154 total mileage to date 935 miles

We traveled in the rain and fog today from Junction to Elmendorf, Texas. Travel was somewhat slow as I-10 was full of hunters returning home from deer hunting. We saw several deer in the bed of pickups and many in large coolers with some part of the deer sticking out of the cooler. Traffic was fairly heavy as we approached San Antonio.

Elmendorf is south of San Antonio and home of Brooks Air Force Base. Lackland AFB is just of east of where are staying. Elmendorf is just 17 miles from downtown the San Antonio and is consider to be part of San Antonio metropolitan area.

We are staying at an RV Park on the San Antonio River and will spend four nights here before continuing our journey to the Gulf Cost.

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