Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 19 – Last Night At Gulf Waters – Gulf Coast / Rio Grande Trip

No Travel Mileage Today

We have clear skies today.

IMG_0011This morning was an early awake call to go and meet the Polly Anna shrimp boat returning from  her night of trawling. We arrived a little late as she was already docked with a line of people buying shrimp. Both Don and I purchased 10 pounds each of the large shrimp at $6 per pound. Then it was off to the fish cleaning shack to remove the heads and then back to the RV park to prepare the shrimp for freezing.

IMG_0003 We froze all of the shrimp from today’s purchase except for 12 that we will have for dinner tonight.

The rest of the day was spent in camp preparing for tomorrow’s next leg of our trip and just relaxing.


Beach pictures after storm by Gulf Waters RV Park where we are staying.

IMG_0001Looking towards Port Aransas

Natural gas platforms offshore

The Gulf is very shallow here

The sky, water and beach are very clear after the storm. The storm blew out towards the sea and cleared the air over the Gulf. Visibility was excellent today and not a single cloud in the sky. Many people were looking for shells along the beach.

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Anonymous said...

Great looking shrimp. What a nice price for fresh.