Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 15 – Gulf Waters RV Resort, TX – Gulf Coast / Rio Grande Trip

No Travel Mileage Today

IMG_0012This morning we drove into Port Aransas to meet the Polly Anna shrimp boat coming IMG_0013back from it’s night of shrimping. We had asked yesterday where was the best place to purchase shrimp and were told to go to the Polly Anna. They were sold out but the captain told us to come back today at 9 AM. The Polly Anna arrived in dock around 9:30 AM and sold their catch directly from the boat. We purchased 10 ponds of large shrimp for $6.00 per pound.

The shrimp are very fresh as some were still a live.


Don busy cleaning his shrimp purchase. Tonight we will have a group shrimp dinner. I am cooking a batch Maryland style using Old Bay seasoning and Don will sautéed shrimp in butter and garlic. We should have quite a shrimp feast along with corn on the cob. The ladies in the RV Park are baking pies and we are invited to pie night, which will be our desert.



Raija and Karen are checking out the fishing possibilities.



IMG_0008Port Aransas

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