Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 50 – Kilometer Post 1194 to Whitehorse, Yukon

Today’s Mileage 136
Miles to Date 4724
Miles Remaining 4918

We arrived at Whitehorse, Yukon today. We are dry camping at the Pioneer RV Park on the upper level. It used to be free but now is $10 per night. I prefer the upper level as the scenery is better and one is away from the highway noise. The sites that have full hookups are on the same level as the highway and are much closer to it. Also one has to put up with the noise from the RV caravans coming and going.

Our journey today took us across the Nisutlin Bay Bridge. The bridge is the longest waterIMG_0342 span on the Alaskan Highway at 1,917 feet. The Nisutlin River forms the “bay” as it flows into Teslin Lake at the near the bridge. Teslin Lake straddles the BC-YT border. The lake is 86 miles / 138 km long averages 2miles / 3.2 km across and has an average dept of 194 feet / 59m. The name is taken from the Indian name for the lake – Teslin-too (“long, narrow water”).

 IMG_0343 IMG_0344

Mid morning we stopped at Johnson’s Crossing, home of the “world famous cinnamon buns,” for you guess it cinnamon buns. The vote was unanimous! Of the two cinnamon bun places, the Continental Divide Lodge is the best. Even Mik took one bite and left it on the floor whereas he ate all that he could get on the Continental Divide Lodge’s cinnamon bun pieces.


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