Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 66 – Valdez Glacier Campground to Bayside RV Park, Valdez, AK


Today’s Mileage 5
Miles to Date 5390
Miles Remaining 4266

Yes, today’s total mileage is correct! We drove just five miles from Valdez Glacier Campground to Bayside RV Park in downtown Valdez. We were running low on water and the holding tanks were getting full. We now have full hookups and have the Reverse Osmosis generator running to fill the fresh holding tank. Plus it gives us a chance to catch up on the laundry.

And yes, we added five miles to the total miles remaining as we will need to back track the miles driven today to continue our trip to Anchorage.

Valdez Harbor




Valdez Harbor Streets

The harbor area is the busiest part of town this time of year due to the tourist fishing season. Add about another half dozen streets of more of the same and one has Valdez covered. Actually Valdez is a couple of blocks larger than the typical Montana town that has the highway as the main street and one block on either side of the highway by about four blocks along the length of the highway.


The weather changed a little for the better today. It rained all last night and into the morning hours of 10:00 plus. This after there was a break in the clouds and one could actually see blue sky. The temperature made it up t 62 F after a low of 39 F around 3:00 AM.

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