Saturday, July 31, 2010

Days 75 & 76 – Ninilchik Beach


The rain continues to fall and the sky remains overcast. It appears that our last day on the beach will be more of the same, rain and no sun. Temperatures are still the magic 52 during the day and down to the low 40’s at night.

So far we have had to use the furnace every night since leaving the lower 48 and for the past week even run the furnace during the day. We are experiencing a very cool summer.

We have reached the most westerly part of our journey and tomorrow is the start of our return although we will not be traveling very far, just 40 miles to Soldotna where we will spend seven days at the Edgewater Lodge and RV Park on the Kenai River. We will then have to back track all the way back nearly to Watson Lake. Since we will be back tracking, we will put in longer driving days and not take a driving day break until we get back to Tok.

Just before Watson Lake, we will turn on the Cassiar Highway which will end our back tracking. The Cassiar Highway will take us through Jade City, British Columbia, population 50, and then to Hyder Alaska, population 100. Hyder will be our last Alaskan stop.

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