Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 59 – Camp Day – Downtown Tok

We are spending the day camped behind the Chevron Station at Tok’s busiest and only intersection. The intersection provides three choices, Fairbanks, Anchorage or Canada. Tomorrow we will take the Anchorage route.

We actually moved the coach from the Salmon Bake RV Park to the Chevron Station yesterday before the trip to Chicken. The Chevron Station has free dry camping and a dump station with a fill up.

One would think that this is the only filling station in town, there are actually three others, with all the RV’s and trucks lining up for fuel.

There is was a steady downpour all last night. The Taylor Highway still remains closed and today Chicken is cut off. There are several RV’s and other vehicles stranded on the highway between Eagle and Chicken as the highway is now cut in several places due flooring. The highway turns to dirt about a mile before Chicken and is dirt all the way to the Canadian Border. From the border to Dawson City the highway is gravel and with some paved patches. The Taylor Highway (also better known as the Top of the World Highway, is a popular tourist route in the summer as it connects the Yukon, Dawson City, to Alaska’s Alcan highway just below Tok.


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