Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 11–Marsing ID–July 10, 2011


This is our last day in Marsing. The nights are still cool in upper 50s and the last two days have had highs of 91. We should be heading into cooler weather as we proceed west.

This afternoon, we visited the Ste Chapelle Winery and purchased a bottle of their Huckleberry Wine, visited the local farmer’s market and purchased some homemade goat cheese. Then it was off to the local market for a few groceries.

This evening I picked a bowl of mulberries for Raija’s cereal. The RV Park has several large mulberry trees. The grass is littered with ripe berries under each tree. When you touch a tree branch, the ripe berries rain to the ground. The trick is to put the bowl under the berries so that they fall into the bowl as it is nearly impossible to pick them before they fall.

Tomorrow we will continue our journey west on I-84 for another 260 or so miles which will leave 200 miles to go to our next multi-night stay.


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