Saturday, July 16, 2011

Days 15 – 17 North Plains Oregon July 14 – 16, 2011


We continue to enjoy the cool days and cooler nights. Friday we had a break from the clouds and the sun came out for a while. A few brave souls even went swimming but the pool was a little to refreshing for us desert folks. It rain all last night and is still raining as of 10:30 AM today. Hopefully we will catch a break in the weather today, at least long enough for me to stow the grill in preparation for tomorrow’s drive to our next destination, Ilwaco WA.

There has not been much to write about during our stay here. Due to the remoteness of the RV Park and the weather we have not taken any side trips. It has been very relaxing to just stay put and enjoy the facilities here. The residents of the park, those who have permanent cabins, are very friendly. We have attended several parties and are invited to a pot luck dinner tonight.

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