Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 3–Bullhead City to Caliente, Nevada–July 2, 2011


To days mileage: 346
Miles to date:      613

The Bullhead City forecast for the next couple of days is 115 to 119 F. The refrigerator temperature is 53 F. Time to change plans and move on to the next destination, Ely Nevada where the forecast is 91 F.

We got up a 6:00 A.M. and were on our way by 7:30 A.M. Even through it is the July 4th weekend traffic was very light even through Las Vegas. Nevada, outside of the Las Vegas and Reno areas is very sparsely populated. There was very little traffic on road and we went from a few hundred feet above sea level to several thousand. Altitude translates into cooler temperature so we traded the 115 to 119 temperatures for 90 to 100 F temperatures which make a big difference. The air conditioning can now cool the coach to below 80 F and the refrigerator is starting to recover.

Now the original route was US 93 to Nevada 318 and rejoin US 93 at Ely as US 93 as an easterly loop in it and 318 goes more directly to Ely. However Raija noticed that the easterly loop of 93 was marked as a scenic route. We mutually decided  to try the scenic route as we now have some extra days to fill in before our reservations at the busier RV Parks start.

So that is now we ended up at Caliente and oops, Caliente is Mexican for hot! At least Caliente is not as hot as Bullhead City, it is 100 F outside at 2:30 PM. The RV Park owners say that the nights will be cool. The refrigerator is continuing to cool back down so if Raija finds something to explore here, we may do that tomorrow or we may continue to press on to the north and cooler days.

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