Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 27– Copalis Beach Washington - July 26, 2011


The car / camper club left in the morning. Last evening they aligned their cars and trailers as if they would be ready for an early morning, quick departure but it took them until around 10:00 AM to depart. The engine start signal was one of the ladies waving her bra on a pole.

There was more entertainment after lunch. Two large fifth wheel rigs arrived and one of them had a very difficult time positioning his rig in the space beside us. It took nearly two hours for them to get set up. Just when it look like they were all set, they decided that they didn’t like it here and left. That was good news to us as they had crowded us in with very little space between our coach and their rig.

The sun finally came out and no rain. The high was around 62 F and the low 48 F.

Mik really enjoys running loose on the beach and checking out all of the smells. I tried to coach him down to the water but every time a wave heads in, he goes running to higher ground and even scowls me when I get to close too the water.

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