Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 28 – Ocean Shores Washington – July 27, 2011


A short ride back down the coast took us to the town of Ocean Shores. There is an IGA Grocery store in Ocean Shores which is the closest grocery store of any size to where we are staying.

In route we stopped at two Washington State Parks. I have to say that Washington is ripping off both their own citizens and the tourist with their new $10 a day or $30 annual passes required to visit a state park. Several of the parks that we have stopped at only have a picnic table or two and a bathroom. One must have a park pass to see nothing at these parks. Who wants to spend $10 for a park that has nothing to offer? Also the state parks with RV facilities are more expensive then the private parks that offer more amenities plus you still have to add park pass fee that make it even more outrageous. I foresee a big decline in park visitors.

We scouted out the town of Ocean Shores, found the grocery store and an ice cream store. Mik needed some ice cream so we stopped and treated ourselves to raspberry cheesecake ice cream and vanilla for Mik.

After that it was time for a ride on the beach before going grocery shopping. I figured that I had better do a video of a Washington beach before we lose the sun.

Ocean Shores Beach Video

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