Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 25 – Ilwaco Washington to Copalis Beach Washington July 24, 2011


Today’s Mileage: 95
Mileage to Date: 1818


We were back on the road today for a short drive up the coast on Highway 101 to Copalis Beach. The drive was scenic along the coast but a little slow as the road has many sharp curves.

Copalis and Copalis Beach are named after the Indian tribe Copalis. The Copalis belonged to the coastal division of the Salishan language family that occupied the area of Copalis River.

The Copalis area is known as the "Home of the razor clam." The community sits near the northern end of probably the greatest razor clam bed in the world. During the commercial season, Copalis' normal population of about 350 persons increases fourfold.

The clam is not Copalis' only drawing card. The beach is ideal for bathers, and motorists can drive their cars along miles of hard packed sand. Before the highway came, all supplies were shipped by boat to Oyehut and hauled to Copalis using the beach as a road.

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