Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 20 – Calgary Alberta – Canada Olympic Park


We visited the Olympic Park that where the 1988 Olympic Winter Games were held. Today the Park continues to function as a multi-purpose competition training center and recreation area designed for year-round use by both athletes and the general pubic. In the winter there is of course skiing and ski jumping while in the summer there is ski jumping, mountain biking, zipline, bungee jumping, climbing wall plus several other actives.

In the summer a special wet plastic is substituted for snow. The zipline consists of two long cables attached to the 90 m ski jump tower that terminate at the end of the ski jump. It is North America’s fastest zipline reaching speeds up to 140 km/h or 87 mph.

We then tour downtown Calgary and stopped by a co-op for groceries before returning to the RV park. The co-op grocery store had carry-out boys that carried the groceries to the car and were not allowed to be tipped. Also one received a 3% discount if one had their own bags. The last time we were in Canada, they charged for plastic bags if you didn’t have bags. This time we were prepared and had our own cloth bags so the 3% discount was a present surprise.

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