Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 42 – Sightseeing Day




Peace River Valley

We did a day drive to Hudson’s Hope, the W. A. C. Bennett Hydro Dam and Chetwynd today.

Hudson’s Hope is an early settlement on the Peace River where gold seekers and trappers sought their riches. It is also known for the discovery of dinosaur tracks along the Peace River and in the 1960’s it became the staging area for the construction of the W. A. C. Bennett and the Peace Canyon Hydro Dams.

The Bennett Dam is one of the world’s largest earth fill structures and forms BC’s largest reservoirs, Williston Lake. Together the two dams produce 3,425,000 KW of electricity that is utilized as far away as Los Angles.


Earth filled Bennett Dam


Williston Lake



German Touring Hotel Coach – Carries 24 People

Chetwynd is home to beautiful handcrafted chainsaw sculptures. The chainsaw carving project began as part on the Rendezvous ’92 Committee which was created to help with celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Alaska Highway.


In 2005 Chetwynd hosted the first annual Chetwynd International Chainsaw Championship. The Championships are held the 2nd week in June.










They are 80 carvings located in various places around town.










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