Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 31 –Hay River, NWT to Lady Evelyn Falls

Today’s Mileage 85
Miles to Date 2886
Miles Remaining 6436

Today is our 37th Wedding Anniversary that we are celebrating at Lady Evelyn Falls, NWT.

It was a short hop today from Hay River to Lady Evelyn Falls. Along the way we stopped at McNallie Creek and falls. McNallie was a foreman for Western Construction and Lumber Company. The Western Construction and Lumber Company had the contract in 1956-57 to build the highway from Enterprise to the Mackenzie River. He and Mr. Little, Western Construction’s location engineer, attempted to cross a creek by canoe. The stream appeared very placid but was only a short Distance upstream from a sheer drop of fifty feet.

The canoe was swept downstream and the two men managed to fling themselves to shore before it went over the falls.

The creek and falls was immediately dubbed McNallie Creek and McNallie Falls.

The Slavery Village of Kakisa, population 52, sits on the bank of Kakisa Lake and the continuation of the Kakisa River. The Kakisa River passes through two lakes, Tathlima and Kakisa joining the Mackenzie River near the Great Slave Lake. Down river from Kakisa Lake is a small falls and then Lady Evelyn Falls. There is the Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park adjacent to falls. We arrived at the park around noon, had lunch and explore the Kakisa village, river and falls.

IMG_0220Lady Evelyn Falls

360 million years ago there was a tropical ocean here along with a salty lagoon filled with life. Dinosaurs have come and gone from the area. The falls flow over what is left of a coral reef. The area is abundant in fossils of creatures that lived in a much warmer climate then is here today. One has to wonder how many climate changes have taken place before Al Gore discovered and got rich off of climate change.

It is a sunny day. The mosquitoes have found us or we found them. At any rate we have been in mosquito country for the last several days. Also there is no cell phone or internet service here at Lady Evelyn Falls.


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