Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 27 –High Level, Alberta


One important High Level industry that I forgot to mention yesterday is the oil industry. The surrounding oil fields employ many of the locals and people from all over the northwest during the oil season. The oil work is mainly in the winter. The oil fields are in very remote areas with no roads. The only way to get to the well areas is after the ground is frozen and travel is via ice roads. The population of High Level nearly doubles in the winter when the oil work is in full swing. Image a place where the population increases when the temperature drops to -40 degrees C.

03 Information Center High Level


 High Level Tourist Information Center where we are dry camping in the parking lot. Our WiFi is from the nearby Best Western Motel.






02 Fuel Prices

 Great fuel prices when one is oil country.

01 Required Pickup Truck



  Tundra Pickup Truck – And Montanans think that they have muddy roads.

Day 27 – Drive Along The Peace River

Rivers connected the north in days gone by, the Peace River brought the first settlers to the site of Fort Vermilion that started out as a fur trading post where “Alberta Began”.





IMG_0191   IMG_0194


IMG_0197 IMG_0196

I will write more on the history of this area and add it later. It has been a long day and I need to mke a run to the Best Western to post this blog and get our email.

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