Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 23 – West Edmonton Mall


I suppose that the name West Edmonton Mall implies that there should be an East one also but we could not locate the east one so we spend most of the day at the West Mall.

The mall has hundreds of shops, several food courts, theme streets such as Bourbon Street, Chinatown, Europa Boulevard WEM Main Streets plus Amusement Park, Water Park complete with beaches and waves, IMAX Theater, Ice Rink, etc. We spend about half a day at the mall roaming around, had lunch and did a little grocery shopping in the Chinatown grocery store. Like the other themes, Chinatown provides the exotic sights and sounds of a busy Far East Market.

The mall even has a Segway rental. For around $65 they will train and license you to use the Segway and then rent one for use in touring the mall. We both got a demo trial of going back and forth and doing circles. The handle bar is much like an airplane stick in controlling the motion. Push left and the Segway turns left, Pull back and it goes in reverse, push forward and it moves forward. Speed is controlled by how far one moves the stick. Cost to purchase one is around $6300.

On the way back to the RV park, we stopped at the Alberta Beach town library and purchased 6 hours of WiFi for $1.00. The 6 hours is good for only the day purchased. If it works well I will purchase another’s day use tomorrow. It can only be used by one computer so Raija decided to wait until we get to a free WiFi hotspot to catch up on her email. 

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