Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 104 – Wolf Centre Golden BC

August 28, 2010

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre is located in Golden, BC. The Centre promotes wolf and bear conservation.

The wolves of Northern Lights have all been adopted from various facilities. Born and bred in captivity, the wolves are not candidates for release into the wild. Each wolf has been socialized (imprinted) from a very young age. This allows Northern Lights to use them for education and photography. It also makes their lives in captivity less stressful, since people do not make them nervous.

Tyler, Maya & Tuk

Wolves howling video

Karelian Bear Dog

Today Karelian Bear Dogs are used to protect bears by scaring bears away from urban areas. The Karelian Bear Dogs have no fear of bears as they were originally bred to hunt bears. In Russia and the Scandinavian Countries the dogs were used to locate bear dens in the winter while the bears were hibernating. The dogs would enter the den, attack the bear, waking it up, and chase the bear out of the den to the waiting hunters.

Click here to go to Northern Lights Wild Life Centre.

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