Saturday, August 7, 2010

Days 82 & 83 – Clam Gulch


Well we have a winner in our search for the bakery that makes the best Cinnamon Buns. The winner is the Moose Is Loose Bakery in Soldotna AK. Not only do they have the best cinnamon rolls, they also bake excellent Russian bread.

There is a big forest fire in British Columbia that has closed BC Highway 37, part of our return path. If 37 is still closed when we get to it, we will have to give up on Jade City and Hyder Alaska and back track all the way back down the Alcan Highway. It is still about a week before we get to the junction of the Alcan Highway and BC 37 so hopefully 37 will be back open by then. Of course there is the chance that the fire will make it to the junction. If that happens and they close the Alcan Highway, then we are trapped here until one of the highways is reopened.

DAY 82:

Day 82 was another rainy day and ended up to be another good day just to relax in the coach.

DAY 83:

It was partly sunny this morning so we decided to drive to Clam Gulch. Clam Gulch boasts the finest clamming in the world. It is famous for its razor clams. We arrived late morning. It is a good beach for clamming but it is not suitable for a motor home. The beach requires four drive vehicles to drive on it as the beach comes all the way up to the cliffs. There is a state campground just off the beach but the campground is only suitable for small campers and tents. The only campground on the beach to accommodate large RVs on the Kenai Peninsula that we have found so far is the Deep Creek State Park one in Ninilchik.

In the afternoon the blue sky yielded to the clouds and the rain started to fall again. Tomorrow’s forecast is for more rain. It will be a good day for housekeeping in preparation to the start of our return to the lower 48 on Monday.


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